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The CONTROFIL® System is the newest innovation in cable penetration sealing systems. The proprietary rubber blocks are designed only as passage modules for cables (not compression devices), which ensure neat cable routing. The superior sealing capabilities of the system are achieved by the use of the NOFIRNO® Sealant, which prevents damage to cables that is often seen with compression based systems. CONTROFIL® steel frames are available in combinations to allow for maximum flexibility of cable ducting.


  • Designed for cables 1mm OD to 105mm OD
  • Provides high levels of fire, water and gas tightness
  • Labor savings – installs in a fraction of the time compared competitive systems
  • Easy re-entry for future cable changes – no need to replace blocks or disassemble system
  • More compact than traditional block systems
  • No tight tolerance requirements
  • No internal metal parts – no corrosion
  • No mineral wool in the system – protects against internal transit corrosion
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening benefits
  • System based on adhesion, not compression. Safe for fiber optics!

Product Characteristics

Fire Resistant



Smoke Tight

Rodent Proof

Sound Dampening

No Corrosion

Long-Term Installation

Wide Service Temp Range

Easy Installation

Product Images

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