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Beele Engineering / CSD Sealing Systems is the world's leading innovator for state-of-the-art, cost effective applications to seal any type of marine or land-based pipe penetration. We provide optimum solutions with the highest quality products and materials, designed to perform today, tomorrow and for the entire service life of your installation. We do it all without metal parts and mineral wool that can corrode and degrade over time. Safety, Protection & Reliability... it's our mission. We never compromise!


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Cable penetrations have proven time and time again to be one of the weakest links in the safety chain. Countless incidents and accidents have been attributed to fires and floods due to failure of cable penetration seals. Beele/CSD offers products that have been tested beyond the minimum requirements necessary to secure an approval. Testing is conducted to the harshest conditions, in order to minimize the risk of failure during the service life of the installation.

Our Cable Duct Sealing System is used by utilities worldwide to ensure bullet-proof integrity of their highly vulnerable cable ducts.


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FISSIC Coating is the latest cutting-edge innovation introduced by Beele/CSD. FISSIC is a fire retardant coating based on an APEO-free water-based polymer emulsion without the addition of VOC-containing solvents.

FISSIC was developed for corrosion protection of steel parts in shipbuilding, offshore and industrial installations, especially in installations exposed to high humidity and/or salt air conditions. The coating offers a high degree of fire protection, and can also be used to thermally protect cable and pipe penetrations. FISSIC also has excellent chemical resistance, and can be applied in extremely harsh environments.


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Calculating cable and pipe transits made easy. This complimentary software will calculate the bill of materials and generate a materials list and drawing.

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The Beele / CSD Company and Products are subjected to the most rigorous testing and quality assurance standards in the world today. Our company is ISO 9001 2015 Certified, and our facilities are constantly inspected for the highest quality assurance. Approvals have been issued by all major Classification Societies, as well as major Flag Authorities and other governing bodies.