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How Our Company Started

Beele Engineering / CSD Sealing Systems BV was founded in The Netherlands by Mr. Hans Beele over 35 years ago. Today Beele/CSD headquarters still resides in The Netherlands, which consists of a campus of buildings including a state of the art R&D Center, Fire Test Laboratory, Presentation Center, Manufacturing, and Warehousing/Distribution facility.

From the beginning, our foundation and driving force has been Research & Development. Engineers in our R&D center work daily to develop and test the most cutting-edge sealing products, using the highest quality raw materials available. Our engineers are experts in the field of rubber and plastics technology, and they strive to offer the best possible products to withstand the harsh environments of vessels and offshore platforms.

Beele/CSD products have been applied worldwide for over 35 years, and are installed in virtually every type of vessel and offshore platform in existence. Hans Beele is regarded as the leading authority on passive fire safety, and has shared his expertise with Class Societies, Flag Authorities, Fire Test Laboratories and Governmental Agencies. In addition, he has educated private entities such as fleet owners/operators, offshore drilling companies and installation companies on the importance of passive fire protection and effective watertight and gas-tight sealing.

Beele/CSD is distributed worldwide in virtually every industrialized country. Our North American offices are located in Gilford, New Hampshire, USA and service all of the USA, Canada and Mexico.