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Marine & Offshore


The unforgiving conditions of the marine / offshore environments demand products of the highest quality and integrity to protect lives and property.

Beele/CSD has the portfolio of products that exceeds all regulatory requirements and provides long-term protection for the life of the installation.


Beele/CSD products are specified worldwide by naval architects, ship owners, navies and patrol boat operators who demand only the very best protection for their vessels and crew. Shipboard fires and floods can lead to catastrophic damage to equipment, as well as injury and loss of life.

Cheap, low quality products have no place in a critical shipboard environment, which is why Beele/CSD offers only top-quality products that have been extensively tested to exceed all regulatory requirements.

Offshore Platforms

The products of choice for pipe and cable penetrations in the offshore platform environment, Beele/CSD offers the ultimate protection against fire, flood, blast and jet-fire attacks.

Protection of equipment and crew is critical for pipe and cable penetrations, which can often be the weakest link in the safety chain. Minimize the risk – demand Beele/CSD products for these critical applications.