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Cable Duct Seal System

About NOFIRNO® Duct Seal System

The NOFIRNO® Duct Seal System is the proven choice for watertight and gas-tight protection for cable ducts, manhole entries, duct bank entries, and similar applications where cables exit ducts or core-drill holes. This system is used extensively in the utility industries worldwide to protect critical applications in substations and other areas where fire, water and gas ingress must be prevented. Use as a better alternative for inflatable bags, foams and other duct sealing materials that often fail shortly after installation.


  • Provides high levels of fire, gas and water tightness
  • Labor savings – installs in a fraction of the time compared competitive systems
  • No special transit frames required
  • Easy re-entry for future cable changes – no need to replace material
  • No metal parts – no corrosion
  • No mineral wool in the system – protects against internal duct corrosion
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening
  • Age tested to over 50 year service life
  • Use in conjunction with NOFIRNO® / AQUASTOP® System if running water is present in ducts
  • Provides excellent protection against rodent ingress

Product Characteristics

Fire Resistant



Smoke Tight

Rodent Proof

Sound Dampening

No Corrosion

Long-Term Installation


Easy Installation

Wide Service Temp Range

NOFIRNO System Files

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Product Images

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