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About RISE®

RISE® cable penetrations have been specified by shipyards, naval architects and vessel owners for over 25 years.  Installation is extremely simple: place a RISE® Sleeve around each cable, fill the remaining space with RISE® Filler Sleeves, then apply FIWA® Sealant to both sides of the penetration - it's that easy!


Features of RISE® cable penetrations include:

  • Approved for all types of cables, including armored cables
  • Provides high levels fire, gas and water tightness
  • Labor savings – installs in a fraction of the time compared to competitive systems
  • Saves substantial space and weight versus block-type systems
  • No special transit frames required
  • Easy re-entry for future cable changes – no need to replace material
  • No metal parts – no corrosion
  • No mineral wool or silicate blankets which can cause moisture absorption, leading to "Corrosion Under Insulation"
  • System is “self-governing”: cannot be over packed – installs as tested with no guesswork
  • Provides vibration absorption and sound dampening
  • Watertight up to 4 bar
  • Age tested to over 50 year service life

Product Characteristics

Fire Resistant



Smoke Tight

Rodent Proof

Sound Dampening

No Corrosion

Long-Term Installation


Easy Installation

Product Images

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