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The SLIPSIL sealing plug system is easy to specify and install. Compared with other types of mechanical sealing devices, installing the SLIPSIL plug is extremely quick and simple. The plug halves, along with the outer surface of the pipe and inner surface of the sleeve or core drill hole are lubricated with CSD Lubricant. Then the two halves are simply pushed into the opening.

There are no bolts that have to be tightened, and the seal maintains its integrity for decades.

The SLIPSIL plugs can be exposed to pressure immediately after installation. SLIPSIL plugs cause no mechanical stress and eliminate corrosion problems. Once installed, the system never has to be revisited unlike other mechanical type seals, which eliminates future maintenance costs.

The service life of the SLIPSIL plugs easily exceeds 20 years under normal environmental conditions. The plugs can be used in a very wide temperature range. Even at low temperatures down to -50° C (-58° F), the rubber stays flexible and does not harden excessively as other rubber types will do. This guarantees tightness even at low temperatures. The rubber can also be used in applications up to +180° C (+356° F) . The high-grade silicone rubber grade is now capable of satisfying almost all sealing conditions.

Typical Areas of Application:

  • Marine / shipbuilding / offshore industries
  • Building and construction industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power and Telecom Utilities
  • Water / Wastewater Utilities
  • Institutional Buildings


  • Designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals for pipe penetrations
  • For transits carrying single or multiple metal pipes with the same diameter (hydraulic and pneumatic lines)
  • Installs in a couple of minutes. Lubricate and push - that’s it!
  • Self-compression design. No bolting or other mechanical devices required
  • Absorbs mechanical stresses, vibration and prevents galvanic corrosion problems
  • Wide service temperature range: -50 °C up to +180 °C
  • The system of choice in the building industry worldwide for almost 50 years!

Product Characteristics

Fire Resistant



Smoke Tight

Rodent Proof

Sound Dampening

No Corrosion

Long-Term Installation

Wide Service Temp Range

Easy Installation

Product Images

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