About FISSIC Coating®

FISSIC Coating® is a new fire retardant coating, developed on the basis of an APEO free, water-based polymer emulsion without the addition of solvents that contain VOC’s. FISSIC is also designed to provide the utmost in corrosion protection to all types of metals.


  • Provides high level of fire resistance 
  • Provides UV and salt resistance – even after fire
  • Gas tight up to 30 mBar
  • Water impermeable
  • Salt resistant even after fire
  • Resistant to gasoline and diesel
  • Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Non-combustible – no smoke, flames or droplets
  • Adhesion 3.4 MPa in accordance with ISO 4624:08 – 2003
  • Contains no solvents
  • Application by brush or airless sprayer

Product Characteristics

Corrosion Resistant
Fire Resistant
Smoke Tight
Rodent Proof
Long-Term Installation
Wide Service Temp Range

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FISSIC Coating

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