The  RISE/ULTRA technology makes the CRUSHER system applicable for all types of plastic pipe penetrations.

The CRUSHER Sleeves squeeze down the plastic pipe, and seal the opening during a fire. 

During fire exposure the RISE/ULTRA compound forms an adhesive mass, thus preventing the spread of smoke, fire gas and water. 

The CRUSHER system is approved for a multiple mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes. The CRUSHER Sleeves or Wraps are combined with the NOFIRNO sealant that adheres well to plastics and offers a high degree of water tightness. 

Typical Areas of Application:

  • Shipbuilding / Marine / Offshore
  • Building and construction
  • Other environments where the safety of people and installations has to be guaranteed


  • Most simple and effective system for all plastic pipe penetrations
  • RISE®/ULTRA C-FIT CRUSHERS squeeze down and seal opening during a fire
  • RISE®/ULTRA wraps to be used for oversized conduit sleeves
  • NOFIRNO® filler sleeves are used for filling larger spaces
  • NOFIRNO® sealant adheres well to all plastics: provides a high degree of watertight integrity - even after fire
  • Approved for a mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes

Product Characteristics

Fire Resistant
Smoke Tight
Rodent Proof
Sound Dampening
No Corrosion
Long-Term Installation
Wide Service Temp Range
Easy Installation

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